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Optus, NBN Co Sign Five-Year Satellite Operation Agreement

By | February 5, 2014
      Optus Satellite Facility, Belrose, NSW. Photo: Optus

      Optus Satellite Facility, Belrose, NSW. Photo: Optus

      [Via Satellite 02-05-2014] Optus has signed a five-year agreement with NBN Co to operate its two new satellites that will deliver high-speed broadband services to Australia.

      The Optus satellites will provide tracking, telemetry and control services for the NBN Co satellites that will launch in 2015. The new agreement is in addition to the existing 2011 agreement between the two companies, under which Optus provides managed services for NBN Co’s Interim Satellite Service. The two new Ka-band NBN Co satellites will add to the five Optus satellites currently in orbit, with one more planned to launch in 2014.

      “These satellites have been specifically designed to deliver a dedicated broadband service for 200 thousand homes, farms and businesses in remote parts of the country at speeds people in the city currently take for granted,” said Matt Dawson, program director of satellite at NBN Co.

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