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Thuraya Sponsors UAE-UK Pioneers Forum

By | January 17, 2014
      Thuraya Headquarters: Photo: Thuraya

      Thuraya Headquarters: Photo: Thuraya

      [Via Satellite 01-17-2014] Thuraya Telecommunications Company is now sponsoring the UAE-UK Pioneers Forum, which will showcase top businesses in the Emirates and Great Britain. The Jan. 18-19 conference held in London will provide workshops and symposiums to undergraduate students across the U.K., encouraging students to consider careers with UAE-based companies.

      “Thuraya is proud to be part of the first UAE – UK Pioneers Forum,” said Ahmad Al Shareef, senior director of HR and support operations at Thuraya. “We believe that innovation, whether in technology or in product development, needs to be cultivated and the Pioneers Forum provides us with the perfect platform to reach out to young minds that can be molded for success.”

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