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Etisalat Launches Managed Web Security Service

By | October 16, 2012

       [Satellite TODAY 10-16-12] UAE global satellite network services provider Etisalat has launched a new Managed Web Security Service utilizing a cloud-based Security-as-a-Service aimed to deliver high performance, the company announced Oct. 16.

      Etisalat’s new service is designed to allow organizations to protect their resources and organizational web infrastructure against viruses, mischievous web traffic, spyware and other destructive data capture. It is powered by Middle East cloud provider ZScaler’s ZServices, allowing them to control web security, filter URLs, and provide advanced threat protection.
      ZScaler’s Secure Cloud Gateway (SCG) is designed to enforce multiple security policies from a single location, enabling a cloud security infrastructure offering real-time reporting and analytics and transparent traffic forwarding and authentication. 
      "Leveraging the paradigm shift in the ICT environment, Etisalat continues to lead from the front and further broaden its market space and footprint into the managed security domain," Etisalat ICT Senior Vice President Abdulla Hashim said in a statement. "By keeping abreast of market trends, Etisalat has developed a cutting-edge service that strategically minimizes associated revenue risks and allows businesses to prioritize web traffic based on organizational and bandwidth requirement."

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