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STM Delivers SatLink Hub to Expand NSSL Global Coverage

By | January 17, 2012
      [Satellite TODAY 01-17-12] STM Group has delivered a SatLink Hub 9400 with DVB-RCS technology to NSSL Global that will be used to expand and enhance the customer’s coverage area in the Pacific Ocean region, STM announced Jan. 16.
         The new hub will serve subscribers of NSSL’s two major VSAT services – Broad-IP for land applications and Cruise-IP for maritime applications.
      NSSL Global said it would partner with Telemar Scandinavia to upgrade and expand its Cyprus hub serving the Middle East within the next few months. NSSL also said it has additional plans to upgrade its Cyprus hub in the first quarter of 2012.
         “Thanks to DVB-RCS2, our customers will benefit from up to 8 megabits-per-second of IP throughput on return links and higher link availability than ever before, allowing us to provide the fastest and most reliable services in our markets. There will also be a noteworthy increase in our coverage areas using the same transponder beams,” NSSL Global COO Sally-Anne Ray said in a statement.

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