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Pole Star Completes Three-Company Maritime Merge

By | December 30, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 12-30-11] Pole Star, Absolute Software and Absolute Maritime Tracking Services have completed a three-company merge into a London-based entity providing a combination of monitoring and security related services, the three companies confirmed earlier this week.
         The new entity will inherit a service portfolio of more than 35,000 vessels – approximately half the world’s international fleet, according to newly appointed Pole Star CEO Colin Hook.
         “Our goal is to be the world’s leading provider of fleet management, ship security and vessel monitoring systems to the maritime industry as a whole. This merger is a big step towards achieving that,” Hook said in a statement. “Both Pole Star and Absolute have complementary businesses and technologies and together we can provide extended, more advanced services and systems to our clients around the globe. We are excited by the opportunity of being able to offer fisheries solutions to many of our existing government clients.”
         The new company will operate long-range identification and tracking (LRIT) data centers for 40 maritime administrations. Pole Star said it hopes that increased technology resources would enable the group to deliver its products more quickly to its customers.

      Satellite TODAY recently spoke with Near Earth Partner John Stone, who advised Absolute on the merger. This interview will be published Jan. 3 and be made available to professional-level subscribers. Click here to subscribe and access this feature, or visit

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