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PolarSat Completes VSATPlus 3 Network Testing for Chinese Oil and Gas Market

By | June 14, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 06-14-10] Hub-less VSAT communication equipment provider PolarSat has completed system testing and certification of its VSATPlus 3 for use in PetroChina‘s network, the company announced June 11.
          PolarSat tested VSATPlus 3’s VSAT equipment operations for seven months in support of PetroChina’s Lan-Cheng-Yu pipeline. The company said the VSATPlus 3 system provided effective communications links from the remote locations to the main station as well as between the remote locations, demonstrating hub-less full mesh connectivity of user traffic including voice-over-IP, IP Video distribution, data file transfers, Internet/Intranet and email.
          “The successful completion of these tests highlights VSATPlus 3’s ability to handle the most demanding customer applications in the harshest of environments. Oil and gas is a key market segment for VSATPlus 3 and we are very proud to see how well it operated,” PolarSat’s Director of Sales for China Jiang Li said in a statement.

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