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Globecomm Launches New Professional Services Company

By | September 18, 2008
      [Satellite News 09-18-08] Globecomm Systems Inc. has launched Cachendo, a professional services and information technology solutions company intended to serve telecommunications firms, media and entertainment companies, and government and other public service organizations.
          Cachendo, which will operate as a wholly-owned but independently functioning subsidiary of Globecomm, is designed to provide a range of integrated technology services and solutions, including operating environment assessments, project management, systems design, network and systems implementation and integration, security engineering, testing and evaluation, information engineering, system and infrastructure customization and operations, and support maintenance.
          "The government is at least a generation behind the commercial satellite and communications sector," said Robert Metz, Cachendo’s vice president of professional services. "With the current hustle to acquire government work and the expansion of government and private partnerships in this industry, services like ours become necessary and in demand."
          Bob DeLuca, president of Cachendo, said the company is fortunate to have the backing of the Globecomm Systems brand name while being able to function as its own entity. "What we are doing here is investing in a solid platform for professional services in the telecommunications industry and we hope to compliment and add diversity to Globecomm’s portfolio of engineered systems and integration services,” he said.
          The launch of Cachendo had been in the works for several months. "Globecomm had interest in a service like ours for quite some time," said Metz. "Their goal was to diversify without just buying up another company."
          C.J. Waylan, a member of Globecomm’s board of directors and former chairman of the board for Radyne, voiced his support for Cachendo and the future of the industry. "I’ve been in the business for a long time," said Waylan. "[the industry] still continues to excite me. Companies and projects like this still excite me."
           Cachendo, which was launched officially Sept. 9, will employ 22 people at its facility in Laurel, Md. It is partnered with several equipment vendors and software companies including BlueCoat, Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, Thales and Tumbleweed.

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