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Sea Launch Departs for Galaxy 19 Launch Site

By | September 12, 2008

      [Satellite Today 09-12-08] Sea Launch reported that its vessels have departed Sea Launch Home Port and are now on their way to the Equator for the launch of Intelsat’s Galaxy 19 satellite, on Sept. 23.
          Upon arrival at the launch site, at 154 degrees West longitude, the Sea Launch team said it will initiate a 72-hour countdown. After ballasting the Odyssey launch platform to launch depth, Sea Launch said it plans to rollout and erect a Zenit-3SL rocket on the launch pad, execute final tests and then proceed with fueling operations and launch.
          Liftoff is planned for 2:28 a.m. PDT at the opening of a two-hour launch window. The 4,690 kg (10,316 lb) Galaxy 19 spacecraft will be lifted to geosynchronous transfer orbit. The hybrid spacecraft was built by Space Systems/Loral.
          The Galaxy 19 satellite aims to provide Intelsat customers 50-state coverage, as well the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico. It will be located at 97 degrees West longitude.

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