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Sea Launch To Reschedule Thuraya-3 Launch

By | November 27, 2007

      [11-27-07 – Satellite Today] Sea Launch is returning to port and rescheduling the launch campaign for the Thuraya-3 mission, the company announced Nov. 26.
          Sea Launch’s Odyssey platform and command ship arrived at the launch site Nov. 10, but bad weather and ocean currents of up to twice the normal levels delayed the mission multiple times. The vessels are returning to port for resupply and a new launch date has not yet been determined.
          “The integrated team has agreed to terminate the countdown,” Rob Peckham, president and general manager of Sea Launch, said in a statement. We will now focus on extending the campaign and scheduling the corresponding activities required to return to the launch site and launch our customer’s satellite.”
          Thuraya-3, manufactured by Boeing, will provide mobile voice and data services from its orbital slot at 98.5° East.

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