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MIJET Passes Aircraft Tests

By | September 5, 2007

      [09/05/07 – Satellite Today] MIJET successfully completed a series of tests to ensure connectivity between on-board team members and users on the ground, Starling Advanced Communication Ltd. announced Sept. 5.

      MIJET, an ultra-small, lightweight, bidirectional airborne Ku-band antenna, was installed on a Boeing 737 aircraft for the tests. The system maintained continuous connectivity while the testing team conducted video conference calls, made VoIP phone calls, downloaded large files from the Internet, sent and received e-mails and surfed the Web. The antenna achieved a reception bit rate of more than 20 megabytes per second (Mbps) and transmission rate of more than 5 Mbps. The system was tested while flying at different altitudes, covering normal and extreme aircraft maneuvering.

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