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Riding The Digital Wave Toward Increased Profits

By | June 1, 2006

      Communications challenges exist in every company today, ranging from the simple need to share information, to the more complex tasks of interactive communication and content management. To combat these challenges, corporate executives are enhancing their video transmission play to relay important information, ranging from CEO addresses to product launches. In fact, many today are using the most appropriate and cost-effective combination of satellite, microwave and local loops for one-way video/two-way audio or two-way video and audio.

      Driven by the desire to provide video content when and where it is needed, businesses today use multiple methods to distribute a wide variety of content. But those that are succeeding are enabling the delivery and management of IP Video, satellite, broadcast video and other digital networking applications.

      Applications ranging from video streaming, store and forward video or traditional broadcasting are encompassed in today’s successful corporate environment.

      One of the main reasons digital broadcast transmissions are spiking in importance is the opportunity to dramatically reduce the cost of video backhaul and enable executives to extend services to a broader, global market. Likewise, many are doing it in conjunction with their established IP networks, just enhancing the satellite link in the transmission chain. Using this hybrid combination, corporations can backhaul video from customers to their operations center.

      Cost savings for backhaul network services alone can be as high as 70 percent when replaced by delivery through a satellite-enabled private network.

      In this issue of Satellite Business Solutions, we examine the benefits of digital broadcasting, highlight integration steps to take when wanting to broadcast secure financial data; and showcase how distance learning, corporate training and administrative tasks remain operational even when other transmission platforms fail.

      But this is only the beginning. As more “on-demand” video gains importance among global enterprises, the need for advanced, digital broadcasts to a variety of equipment and locations will take a leading role in establishing high profit margins and stronger market shares.

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