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Kepler Communications to Test Network on Spire Satellite

By Rachel Jewett | December 17, 2021

Kepler Communications’ LEO network. Photo: Kepler Communications

Spire Global will host a Kepler Communications test of its in-space communication network on a Spire satellite, the companies announced Dec. 16. Kepler is developing an in-space network called AETHER to help satellites communicate with ground assets in real time. 

Spire will host Kepler’s AETHER product aboard an upcoming Spire nanosatellite due to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022. The communications system has a small form factor and is easily integrated.

Kepler currently has 15 satellites in its constellation. Ahead of the initial Spire launch, Kepler Communications will be conducting on-orbit testing of the AETHER hardware in the first quarter of 2022, onboard two new Kepler satellites.

In addition to hosting Kepler’s payload, Spire plans to evaluate how Kepler’s technology can support its own operations in terms of collecting timely global data. 

“This initiative with Spire is an early validation of the value and importance of the AETHER program for Kepler. Spire is a recognized pioneer in the market and understands the advantage of improving communications with their space assets. We look forward to demonstrating our capabilities with them and many other customers soon to be announced,” said Mina Mitry, Kepler CEO and co-founder.