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Super-Charged Hyperspectral Satellite Imaging with Dan Katz, Orbital Sidekick

By Jeffrey Hill | August 29, 2022

      On this episode of the On Orbit podcast, Orbital Sidekick Founder and CEO Dan Katz joins us to talk about the souped-up Global Hyperspectral Observation Satellite (GHOSt) constellation his company is launching to help global industry and government customers achieve their sustainability goals.  

      Hyperspectral imagery is yet another product of the rapid evolution of satellite data collection technologies we’ve seen during the past decade. Katz and Orbital Sidekick describe it as “the highest dimensional way of seeing.” Hyperspectral imagery systems can capture more than 500 narrow contiguous color bands and reflectance features in the visible and infrared light spectra, which allows data collectors to distinguish between material compositions and determine the molecular makeup of what it is seeing. 

      During our conversation, Katz explains how this all works in layman’s terms and how hyperspectral technology can serve as an invaluable source of environmental intelligence across multiple use cases and applications.

      Listen Here: