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Thursday Morning Conversation on Land Mobile with Intelsat’s Joel Schroeder

By Mark Holmes | June 14, 2023

      In this session of Thursday Morning Conversations, returning guest Intelsat expert Joel Schroeder further explores the current development, trends, and key motivators of adopting land mobile solutions in heavy equipment markets such as agriculture, mining operations, forestry, and construction.

      With autonomous and “smart” industrial operations continuing to gain traction in heavy equipment industries, the need for real-time data-driven applications and what’s happening around these assets are driving up demand for reliable, always-on connectivity. This, in turn, enables users to monitor machine operations, interact with applications and platforms in the cloud, and send and receive copious amounts of data to and from a remote asset.

      Joel talks about how the Intelsat FlexMove network is the next-generation, multi-orbit connectivity solution designed to meet the needs and challenges of the rising heavy equipment industry undergoing digital transformation. It uses Intelsat’s satellite network, merging software-defined satellite technology, cloud infrastructure, and terrestrial network advancements, offering multiple layers of coverage over any region globally. These layers of coverage provide users in the heavy equipment industry true resiliency to ensure “always on” connectivity. Watch the video to learn more.

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