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Axess and ABS Team Up to Boost Middle Eastern Coverage

By Mark Holmes | July 31, 2023

The range of the ABS-2A MENA satellite. Photo: Axess Networks

Axess Networks and ABS are teaming up as Axess looks to increase its coverage in the Middle East. The two companies announced the partnership, July 30. The agreement provides Axess Networks with expanded opportunities for both terrestrial and maritime clients in the region strengthening Axess’ dual-use strategy for the ABS-2A satellite.

This latest development complements Axess’ existing Ku-band satellite coverage of the Middle East already bolstered by previous agreements supporting networks on the ABS-3A and ABS-2 satellites.

“ABS-2A’s coverage in the region is ideal for supporting Axess’ maritime clients navigating through the Suez Canal. As more vessels benefit from satellite communications supported by Axess’ unlimited, uncapped and unthrottled Ku-band networks, the increased demand is promoting an organic expansion of our already substantial geographic network coverage,” Adrian Redfern, director of Business Development at Axess EMEA, said in a statement.