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Thuraya Releases ‘SatTrack’ Maritime Monitoring and Tracking Service

By | June 3, 2021

Image by FrontM

UAE-based mobile satellite service provider Thuraya has launched a new web-based maritime tracking and monitoring service called SatTrack.

SatTrack is a turnkey subscription-based service that Thuraya developed in partnership with software company FrontM. It is designed to track vessels and fleets that are serviced by Thuraya’s MarineStar solution, facilitating sustainable fishing practices, improving crew welfare and safety, and providing improved fleet visibility, management, and onboard real-time condition monitoring.

Thuraya, a subsidiary of Yahsat, said that it developed SatTrack to lower the overall costs of integrating and maintaining third-party services in the maritime sector and to simplify tracking data comprehension for subscribers. SatTrack’s online system displays tracking information reported from onboard MarineStar terminals on a user interface dashboard, which allows customers to create and monitor geo-fences, produce detailed maps, customized alerts, weather and position reports at preset intervals based on user requirements. SatTrack also supports third-party integrations, and enables whitelisting and blacklisting of call numbers.

“Backed by several add-ons and the inbuilt voice capabilities of Thuraya MarineStar, SatTrack complements as an intuitive, feature-rich yet easy-to-use tracking and monitoring platform that generates a lot of value for its users,” Thuraya’s Deputy CEO Sulaiman Al Ali said in an announcement. “Unhindered, real-time access to the latest fishing reports, weather information, news and other notifications can make all the difference to the profitability of the operations. Thuraya SatTrack opens up a new world of instant communication from onshore teams for offshore operations.”