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Nokia, ConectarAGRO Bring IoT Access to Brazilian Farmers

By | May 1, 2019
Photo: OEM Off-Highway

Photo: OEM Off-Highway

Nokia joined ConectarAGRO‘s initiative to promote innovative connectivity solutions in the Brazilian agribusiness sector. It was created by agribusiness companies CNH, AGCO, Bayer, Jacto, Solinftec, and Trimble, and telecom companies Nokia and TIM. ConectarAGRO aims to bring connectivity to some of the 93 percent of Brazilian farmers who currently have no wireless access to broadband services on their farms. Nokia will contribute the technology to enable TIM to provide 4G coverage and support Internet of Things (IoT) and other precision agricultural technologies that will boost yields and help to meet rising food demand.


As part of its contribution to the ConectarAGRO initiative, Nokia will develop and provide solutions for the agribusiness sector and Agriculture 4.0. Nokia’s wireless broadband solutions include 4G/LTE and 5G, as well as satellite and microwave technology. These will provide a powerful connectivity platform for supporting advanced IoT solutions that improve efficient use of resources and boost productivity for farmers. Nokia is currently the only connectivity technology vendor contributing to ConectarAGRO and plans to expand its activities to other rural areas in Latin American and worldwide.

Gregory Riordan, Director of Digital Technologies for CNH Industrial South America, said: “Brazil already has some of the most advanced farmers on the planet that use state-of-the-art technologies and management practices. However, reaching the next level of productivity is impossible without connectivity. We are eager to collaborate with a company of Nokia’s caliber to find innovative solutions, especially for farmers in underserved areas. The agricultural sector is a key contributor to Brazil’s economy and we are proud to have joined with the other members of the ConectarAGRO initiative to serve and enhance Brazilian Agriculture.”