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Dawn Aerospace Seeks Launch Hub at Colorado Air and Space Port

By | June 16, 2021

The Colorado Air and Space Port (photo by CASP)

Spaceplane launcher and propulsion company Dawn Aerospace (Dawn) entered into a non-legally binding MOU with Colorado Air and Space Port to explore establishing a Dawn presence at the spaceport, work together to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines, and potentially conduct test flights and launches.

Dawn is both developing their Mk-II and Mk-III Aurora spaceplanes and providing in-space satellite propulsion to manufacturers. Eight of its in-space propulsion units have been launched in 2021. This past December, the company was granted an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority to fly from a conventional airport. After receiving that certification, Dawn expressed interest in expanding business operations to include Colorado Air and Space Port in Adams County, Colorado.

“In order to provide unprecedented access to space, we’ve pursued technologies that will operate much like a fleet of aircraft – taking off and landing at airports globally,” said Dawn Co-founder James Powell. “We’re pleased to work with the supportive Adams County Board to bring our rocket-powered suborbital plane, and longer-term our orbital spaceplane, to Colorado.”

“Dawn Aerospace has successfully worked with a number of European countries for the launch of their propulsion units, and we are thrilled this company will be establishing a presence with us,” said Dave Ruppel, Colorado Air and Space Port Director. “Dawn Aerospace is a leader in the industry. Having a spaceplane that can make multiple suborbital trips a day with the same vehicle, take off and land from a conventional airport, and uses green propellants will help drive the industry to create more proficient space vehicles.”