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B-SAT Selects Arianespace to Launch its Next Satellite

By | April 23, 2018

BSAT selects Arianespace to launch its next satellite, marking the 10th lift-off by Arianespace for the Japanese satellite operator. Photo Credit: SSL

Arianespace has announced that it will launch BSAT-4b as part of a turnkey contract between Japanese satellite operator B-SAT and Maxar’s California-based satellite manufacturer SSL. Since the creation of B-SAT, Arianespace has launched all nine of its satellites. BSAT-4b not only marks the 10th launch but also the 32nd commercial geostationary satellite launch contract awarded to Arianespace in Japan.

Built by SSL using a 1300 platform, BSAT-4b will feature 24 Ku-band transponders. It will weigh about 3,520 kg at launch and is designed to have a nominal service life of at least 15 years. It will be positioned in geostationary orbit at 110 degrees East. BSAT-4b will serve as a back-up of BSAT-4a, which Arianespace launched in September 2017. It will have the same Japanese archipelago footprint as BSAT-4a, providing Direct-to-Home television to ensure 4K/8K ultra-high definition video distribution for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.