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Mynaric to Roll Out Next-Generation Optical Link Terminal

By | August 26, 2021

      A rendering of a side to side comparison between CONDOR Mk2 (left) and CONDOR Mk3 (right) optical communications terminal. Photo: Mynaric

      Mynaric has unveiled the next generation of its optical link terminal, with a commitment from an undisclosed customer. On Wednesday, Mynaric announced the CONDOR Mk3, which it says was designed as a mass-manufacturable, smaller, lighter, and low-power option optical communications terminal for satellites than its predecessor, the Mk2. 

      Mynaric said it designed the Mk3 in response to feedback from customers. It was designed with an optical head mass and size that is a 30% reduction from earlier models. It is designed to offer flexible data rate coverage from 100 Mbps up to 100 Gbps, with link distances beyond 7,500 km. 

      The undisclosed customer is scheduled to receive initial product deliveries from the fourth quarter of 2022 and has secured options for up to 20 units.

      “There is a growing need for high-performance, high-bandwidth, secure and reliable connectivity in and from space,” said Bulent Altan, CEO of Mynaric. “With our newest generation space product we are proud to be part of the formula for creating solutions addressing this need. CONDOR Mk3 terminals can be serially produced, ensuring affordability and allowing for large-scale deployment with short lead times for a variety of space applications.”