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Astranis Uses Wind River’s OS for New Satellite

By | March 28, 2019
Artist's rendering of an Astranis satellite. Photo: Astranis

Artist’s rendering of an Astranis satellite. Photo: Astranis

Astranis Space Technologies is using Wind River‘s VxWork real-time Operating System (OS) for its next generation satellite that aims to deliver cost-effective high-speed internet to underserved markets. Wind River provides Internet of Things (IoT) software for critical infrastructure,.

Astranis is using VxWorks to run the main flight computer that controls the avionics in guiding the satellite and keeping it in communication with Earth. Astranis recently announced that its first satellite will be going over Alaska, in partnership with Alaska-based internet provider Pacific Dataport. Wind River’s software portfolio fosupports a range of customer journeys in aerospace and defense, from design to development to deployment, with technologies that span across real-time operating systems, open-source-based platforms, system simulation and virtualization.

“We are very excited to be working with Wind River on our first satellite. Wind River’s proven success in space and their longstanding relationship with NASA and others in the space industry give us confidence that they are the right partner to bring our vision to life,” said Astranis Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Cofounder John Gedmark.