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5BARz Commences Rollout of ROVR Wi-Fi Router in India

By | March 2, 2017
      The Rovr wi-fi router.

      The Rovr wi-fi router. Photo: Businesswire.

      5BARz International announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, 5BARz India Private Limited, has rolled out its first set of Rovr Wi-Fi routers in the households of Pune, India. The deployment in Pune is a part of 5BARz exclusive contract with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect a minimum of 5 million Indian homes to the internet over the next five years.

      Through this initial roll out 5BARz has marked its entry to the wireless router business. In the coming months, 5BARz plans to deploy Rovr routers in major metropolitan cities and satellite towns throughout India. The Rovr router is estimated to cover more than 20 million users throughout India.

      The new Rovr router enables Wi-Fi users to smartly monitor, manage and control their home networks while at home or away. It encompasses several features including dual backhaul, power backup, mini Wi-Fi instances for each member, customizable bandwidth and data usage, remote monitoring, alerts and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities which can be monitored and customized with the 5BARz Smart Experience connectivity suite of applications from anywhere and at any time. The product functions as a hub for the smart devices with the built in IoT capabilities, which come as a default feature in the device. As an IoT hub, it will manage and control temperature, humidity, gas detection, motion sensors and cameras, which can alert the homeowners with a call or Short Message Service (SMS) text.