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Aireon’s Data Processing and Distribution Ground System Moves Forward

By Caleb Henry | May 18, 2015
      Winnipeg Aireon ADS-B

      The Winnipeg Area Control Center. Photo: Aireon

      [Via Satellite 05-18-2015] Exelis has confirmed that the data processing and distribution ground system for Aireon’s space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance — Broadcast (ADS-B) surveillance technology achieved factory acceptance testing. The company conducted factory testing in a lab environment with both hardware and software that will be operationally deployed. Testing included all functional, performance and interface tests as well as all associated design verification methods to demonstrate and verify that the ground system can receive target data, process target reports, and then send reports to designated Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) in accordance with customer requirements.

      Aireon’s ground system deployment is scheduled for completion this month. Full deployment of global space-based aircraft tracking is planned for 2018. The space segment, consisting of hosted payloads aboard the upcoming Iridium Next constellation, is designed to provide global coverage, enabling aircraft tracking over oceans and other remote regions.

      “Exelis will ensure that Aireon’s service seamlessly integrates with, and extends, existing ground-based services,” said Ed Sayadian, vice president of civil and aerospace systems at Exelis. “The factory acceptance achievement formally verifies that all requirements and interfaces associated with the data processing and distribution ground system were met. This system is setting a foundational building block of a globally harmonized space-based air traffic management system.”