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Hodoyoshi 1 SmallSat Takes First Images

By | December 30, 2014
      Axelspace Hodoyoshi 1

      South East Forest Area in Australia as seen by Hodoyoshi 1. Photo: Axelspace

      [Via Satellite 12-30-2014] The University of Tokyo SmallSat Hodoyoshi 1, developed in partnership with the Next-generation Space Systems Technology Research Association and Axelspace Corporation, has successfully taken its first images of Earth. The SmallSat launched Nov. 6 aboard a Kosmotras Dnepr rocket.

      The purpose of the satellite is both Earth observation and to conduct a business demonstration experiment. According to Axelspace, the 60 kg satellite has mission specifications equivalent to that of traditional satellites weighing more than twice its mass. Hodoyoshi 1 orbits at an altitude of 500 km.