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MACOM Begins Offering New Low Noise Broadband Amplifier

By | December 16, 2013
      noise gain calibrate amplifier

      The MAAM-011117. Photo: Business Wire

      [Via Satellite 12-16-13] M/A-COM Technology Solutions (MACOM) has announced a new 5V RF Low Noise Amplifier ideally suited for 50-2700 MHz cable, terrestrial and satellite applications.

      “The MAAM-011117 has been designed specifically for customers requiring a highly linear, low noise, amplifier solution that covers DVT-T, -C and -S bands,” said Graham Board, product manager, MACOM.

      Operating over a 50-2700 MHz frequency bandwidth, this “green” device incorporates a power-down function in order to minimize power consumption during stand-by. The MAAM-011117 is packaged in an eight-lead 2-millimeter by 2-millimeter plastic package that incorporates a number of off-chip components, resulting in an integrated solution for space constrained front-ends. The amplifier delivers high gain of 16 dB, low noise of 2.7 dB and very low distortion performance.

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