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RDC Aviation to Add Spire Aviation Data to its Platform 

By Rachel Jewett | July 19, 2023

Photo: Business Wire

RDC Aviation, a tech and data services provider for the air transport industry, is a new customer for Spire Global’s aviation data. In a deal announced Tuesday, Spire will supply its satellite and terrestrial ADS-B positions to provide flight, aircraft and airline metadata to RDC for its airport data product. 

RDC’s AirportCharges product covers 3,000 airports and analyzes airport user charges and en-route navigation costs including landing fees, passenger charges and taxes. Spire’s data will also be used in RDC’s market intelligence product, Apex, to provide actual departures data and route profitability calculations. 

“Having been aware of [Spire’s] data and capabilities for some time, we knew there was the potential to enhance our applications, core data and back-office processes. However, once we started working with the team at Spire, we quickly discovered a number of unique and exciting customer-facing use-cases that will allow us to provide powerful insights for our airport and airline clients,” commented RDC CEO Peter Hind. 

Spire recently signed a similar deal with airline industry platform ch-aviation, for access to Spire’s daily Flight Report.