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BlackSky and Spire Collaborate to Offer Maritime Custody Service

By Rachel Jewett | May 25, 2023
Photo: Spire Global.

Photo: Spire Global.

BlackSky Technology and Spire Global are partnering on a Maritime Custody Service that combines BlackSky’s satellite imagery and Spire’s radio frequency (RF) tracking into an offering that can monitor vessels around the world. 

The companies announced Wednesday that the MCS uses data from Spire’s satellites to detect RF emissions from maritime targets and then automatically tips BlackSky’s satellites to collect imagery. BlackSky Spectra AI processes and analyzes the images using artificial intelligence to detect vessels, estimate cargo, and monitor change over time.

This service is useful in monitoring maritime activity that can be important to national security, identifying illicit ship-to-ship transfers, intercepting vessels engaged in smuggling or sanctions evasion, monitoring liquid and dry bulk commodity movements, and tracking illegal fishing. 

“Fusing Spire’s satellite-based AIS data with BlackSky’s cutting-edge analytics delivers actionable insights and situational awareness that increase transparency into maritime operations and security for the national security, global supply chain and commodities markets,” commented Iain Goodridge, Spire senior director of radio frequency geolocation products.