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RigNet Receives Multi-Year Satellite Communications Service Contract 

By | October 9, 2020

A RigNet VSAT. Photo: RigNet

RigNet, Inc. has received a multi-year contract with what it calls one of the “largest contractors” in the offshore drilling industry to provide fully managed communications services and global satellite access to its entire global drilling fleet. Neither the company nor the terms of the deal were specified. 

The new contract, announced Oct. 5, expands the already existing services which include RigNet’s Machine Learning platform, Intelie, and other over the top applications, intelligence and network security solutions. It will bring together RigNet’s multiband satellite architecture, redundant terrestrial backhauls, crew welfare, Advanced Video Intelligence (AVI), and the Machine Learning solutions of Intelie.

“Landing this significant contract with one of the largest contractors in the industry is a true testimony to the value RigNet creates through its expanded portfolio of value-added services that enable customers to recognize improved financial, operational, and safety performance during their drilling campaigns,” commented Errol Olivier, RigNet’s COO.