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ST Engineering iDirect Supplies IoT Solution to Argentina’s ARSAT 

By Rachel Jewett | January 25, 2023

ARSAT to use ST Engineering iDirect IoT solution. Photo: ARSAT

ST Engineering iDirect has delivered its IoT solution to ARSAT, Argentina’s state-owned telecommunications company. The IoT solution will enable a number of use cases like fleet tracking, farming data, and disaster recovery and mitigation. 

The IoT solution incorporates an IoT-optimized waveform and a cloud-based network management system with technology from ST Engineering iDirect’s strategic partner hiSky. System integration partner, Technology Bureau, will also support ARSAT to integrate the IoT solution into its existing ST Engineering iDirect hub infrastructure. 

ARSAT said this IoT technology will add value to its fleet of Geostationary satellites, ARSAT-1 and ARSAT-2. 

“We are currently carrying out tests of this innovative product with very good results and we hope to carry out the first implementations in the coming months. Among the use cases under evaluation are a hydrometeorological monitoring network, connectivity for research ships, marine buoys, and a monitoring system for the road network,” said Guillermo Rus, vice president of ARSAT.