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PPM Systems Releases New RF Tech Products

By | September 28, 2021

PPM Systems Corry RF phase shifters and broadband diplexer. Photo: PPM Systems

PPM Systems has released new RF components for its satellite and defense customers, the company announced Sept. 26. The company has unveiled a series of high power broadband diplexers, plus new low to high power Radio Frequency (RF) phase shifters.

Among the new products is the CMIDX series of high-power broadband diplexers. These are designed for signal combining applications such as jamming, communication systems, re-broadcasting signals, and multiband antenna systems with a common seeder. Its latest RF phase shifters can used in high frequency RF designs to provide a phase shift to the signal by adding propagation delay. PPM Systems said these solutions can offer both precision voltage and digitally controlled phase shifters, used communications antennas; phased-array radar; satellite communications; phase cancellation; and beamforming systems.

“Our ever-expanding range of RF components means our customers always have the latest technology available to design and build complex RF systems,” Paul Cotterill, PPM Systems Business Development manager, said in a statement.