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Lockheed Martin Space to Consolidate Business Lines

By Calvin Biesecker | May 5, 2023

      GPS III SV02 Shipping to launch in 2019. Photo: Lockheed Martin

      Lockheed Martin announced May 4 its Space segment will reorganize its business lines in the coming months, going from five to three lines to better keep up with customer needs, speed innovation, and bolster competitiveness.

      The new alignment continues the Commercial Civil Space, and the Strategic and Missile Defense Systems lines, and adds National Security Space, which combines the current Military Space and Mission Solutions lines and Special Programs.

      “With an eye toward the future and building on our current business momentum, these changes position us to deliver end-to-end solutions for today’s mission demands and well into the future,” Robert Lightfoot, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Space, said in a statement on May 4.

      National Security Space will be led by Maria Demaree as vice president and general manager. Demaree previously has led Lockheed Martin’s enterprise joint all domain command and control corporate initiative, and has worked on Lockheed Martin Space classified and defense programs.

      Strategic and Missile Defense Systems will continue to be led by Sarah Hiza, and Kyle Griffin is acting vice president and general manager for Commercial Civil Space following Lisa Callahan’s recent retirement.

      During the shift to the new operating structure, Johnathon Caldwell, vice president and general manager of the Military Space business line, and Stacy Kubicek, who leads the Mission Solutions business, will remain in their current roles and serve as strategic advisors to Demaree as the National Security Space business stands up.

      Lockheed Martin Space will also stand up a Product Center led by Mike Patton and focused on affordability and marketability of the segment’s products for internal and external customers. Patton is currently vice president of operations of Lockheed Martin Space.