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IEC Telecom Releases New Cyber Solution Targeting Shipping Customers

By Mark Holmes | November 27, 2023

IEC Telecom launches OptiShield product. Photo: IEC Telecom

IEC Telecom is bringing out a new cybersecurity solution targeting the maritime sector. OptiShield aims to combine advanced cybersecurity software with a remote IT team to ensure protection for onboard networks. IEC Telecom announced the new solution on Nov. 27. IEC Telecom is an international satellite service operator with engineering expertise in low and high-throughput cyber-secure voice and data services for land and maritime use.

IEC Telecom points to the fact that the number of maritime cyber attacks has risen steadily in recent years, with several global ports being hacked in 2023 as well as a steep increase in maritime companies paying ransomware. It cites a recent study by law firm HFW and maritime cyber security company CyberOwl, where it was calculated that the average cost of unlocking computer systems in the maritime sector reached $3.2 million this year, and 14% of the maritime industry professionals responding to a survey said they had paid ransomware in 2023, compared with 3% in 2022.

“To navigate safely in the digital ocean, having a toolkit is not enough. It is essential to have a qualified team to manage the software to ensure optimal benefits for your vessel, but not every vessel can have an IT specialist on board. We developed OptiShield to provide it all: advanced cybersecurity software coupled with a 24/7 remote support team of experts,” Jalloul Ben Soussia, VP of Technology at IEC Telecom Group, said in a statement.