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Intelsat Debuts IntelsatOne IP, Internet Video Transport Solution

By Rachel Jewett | September 15, 2023
Intelsat's North America headquarters. Photo: Intelsat

Intelsat’s North America headquarters. Photo: Intelsat

Intelsat is getting into the IP video space, debuting a new content distribution system that transports video via the internet. The system, IntelsatOne IP, is designed as a global network powered by a software platform.

The company said it gives media customers a global solution with full network visibility and multi-destination routing across the company’s hybrid terrestrial and satellite infrastructure. It’s available for customer testing today, and Intelsat said it will be commercially available as an operational service at a later date.

Pascale Fromont, vice president of Media at Intelsat, said it increases the flexibility of the Intelsat Global Media Network, complementing the company’s existing satellite and fiber footprint.

“IntelsatOne IP offers more connectivity options to broadcasters of all sizes looking for more affordable and reliable ways to transport content as well as for those seeking new ways to increase viewership,” Fromont said.