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MX1 Presents End-to-End Media Service Platform MX1 360

By Veronica Magan | September 14, 2016
MX1 360

MX1 360. Photo: MX1

[Via Satellite 09-14-2016] MX1, a global media services company newly formed from the merger of RR Media and SES Platform Services (SPS), has presented its new end-to-end media service platform, MX1 360. MX1, a wholly owned subsidiary of SES, works with media businesses to amplify the value of media content for a global audience.

MX1 has centralized its full suite of next-generation video and media services into its new open media service platform, MX1 360, enabling media businesses to manage, deliver and monetize content from a single, hybrid, cloud-based and on-premises service platform.

“We have combined two complementary companies with a purpose to globalize and accelerate the world’s media experiences,” Avi Cohen, MX1’s CEO, said. “We are working with our customers to monetize their content as the ultimate viewer experience, enabling them to reach more people in more places and on more screens, than ever before.”

MX1 360 gives media customers a tool for managing and delivering their content, Cohen added. “They can focus on creating amazing content, and we take care of everything else.”

Positioned at the core of MX1 360 are three main service areas:

  • Transform – shaping and organizing content so it’s ready to be shared in the most powerful way;
  • Accelerate – providing the tools and expertise to turn content into the ultimate viewer experience;
  • Globalize – bringing the ultimate viewer experience to the largest global audience.