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Andrew Rush Joins Copernicus Space Corporation as President and CEO

By Rachel Jewett | May 30, 2023

Andrew Rush, CEO of Copernicus Space Corporation

Redwire COO Andrew Rush, formerly of Made In Space, is joining space exploration company Copernicus Space Corporation as president and CEO. 

Copernicus is developing miniaturized, semi-autonomous space probes to search for microbial life in the solar system and eventually explore exoplanets in our galaxy. Copernicus leadership highlighted Rush’s track record of fostering growth in the space industry. 

“With his visionary leadership, track record of growth, and deep understanding of cutting-edge space technologies, Andrew will drive new opportunities for our disruptive and innovative Swarm Exploration platform, products and services,” commented Dr. Frank Laukien, Copernicus co-founder and board chair. 

Made in Space has developed in-space manufacturing and assembly technologies for building large scale space assets on-orbit. Rush led Made in Space from 2015 to 2020, including leading the sale to Redwire. As COO of Redwire, Rush oversaw the business portfolio, long-term planning, and strategic investments. During his time as president, Redwire increased annual revenue to $160 million with over 700 employees, acquired multiple space technology companies, and went public.

“I am honored to join the Copernicus team,” Rush commented. “Our focus on in situ Swarm Exploration, powered by artificial intelligence, high-speed computing, robotics and eventually synthetic biology will enable swarm-based missions for space exploration, scientific discovery, security applications, and commercial activities.”