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Radiant Solutions, TellusLabs to Offer Joint Agricultural Intelligence Products

By | September 7, 2018

A multi-temporal Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) image differentiating corn and soy fields. Photo: TellusLabs

Radiant Solutions, a Maxar Technologies company, and TellusLabs, a satellite imagery and machine learning company, are partnering to jointly offer agricultural intelligence products revealing insight on the world’s food supply, for the remainder of the Northern Hemisphere’s 2018 agricultural growing season and into the start of the Southern Hemisphere’s growing season. This alliance illustrates a significant opportunity for customers such as commodity traders, food companies, and government agencies who need better intelligence regarding the world’s current crop conditions to benefit from more accurate insights into end of season expectations delivered through the partnership’s joint solutions.

Radiant Solutions’ Weather Desk, an information platform enabled by advanced analytics applied to weather data, provides daily agricultural insights into how weather conditions are impacting agricultural markets. TellusLabs’ Kernel, enabled by machine learning applied to satellite imagery, provides insights into crop yields and agricultural forecasting.

The combined offerings aim to deliver users an information advantage by helping them leverage the power of advanced analytics applied to persistent and pervasive weather and imagery data to derive insights into the agricultural supply chain dynamically, and at a global scale.