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SpaceX Postpones Echostar 23 Launch Due to High Winds

By | March 14, 2017
      Falcon 9 on Pad 39A. Photo: SpaceX.

      Falcon 9 on Pad 39A. Photo: SpaceX.

      SpaceX has postponed its Falcon 9 launch originally scheduled for early Tuesday morning, citing high winds. In a tweet, the company said it was working toward the next available launch opportunity, expected to be Thursday, March 16, at 1:35 a.m. EDT.

      Falcon 9 is set to deploy Ku-band satellite EchoStar 23 at 45 degrees west to provide broadcast services for Brazil. Because EchoStar 23 is flying into Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO), SpaceX will not attempt to land Falcon 9’s first stage. In the future, the company plans to launch heavier satellites into GTO with its Falcon Heavy rocket, SpaceX also plans to fly an upgraded version of the Falcon 9 called Block 5, which chief executive officer Elon Musk stated “improves performance and ease of reusability” and is scheduled to begin flights at the end of 2017.

      SpaceX’s Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is still being repaired after last September’s Falcon 9 explosion. As such, the company will continue to fly solely from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.