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Inmarsat Switches EAN Launch from SpaceX to Arianespace

By | December 12, 2016
      European Aviation Network (EAN), rendering. Photo: Inmarsat

      European Aviation Network (EAN), rendering. Photo: Inmarsat

      [Via Satellite 12-12-2016] Inmarsat has signed a contract with Arianespace to launch its S-band satellite for the European Aviation Network (EAN) on an Ariane 5 heavy lift launch vehicle. EAN is an integrated satellite and air-to-ground network, developed by Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom, which will deliver a very high capacity broadband Wi-Fi experience for passengers flying throughout Europe.

      The EAN payload is part of a condosat constructed by Thales Alenia Space, which incorporates a second payload for Hellas-Sat. The condosat is scheduled for launch from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana in mid-2017. The condosat was originally scheduled for launch with SpaceX, but following the delay in its launch schedule, Inmarsat and Hellas-Sat took the decision to move the condosat to an Arianespace launch.

      Inmarsat will launch Inmarsat-5 F4, a Global Xpress (GX) satellite, with SpaceX. This launch is planned for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017.