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Eutelsat Helps 1Sat Telecomunicaçoes Launch New DTH Platform

By | August 10, 2020
Eutelsat 65 west A

Artist’s rendition of Eutelsat 65 west A. Photo: SSL

1Sat Telecomunicaçoes on Monday launched BluTv, a new Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcast platform serving the Brazilian market. BluTv will use Eutelsat Communications‘ EUTELSAT 65 West A satellite, which is a tri-band satellite targeting broadcast markets across Latin America.

BluTV’s basic offering will include more than 100 channels of film, series, sports, lifestyle, culture, and news content. The DTH platform also include a mix of standard and High-Definition (HD) content.

Commenting on the launch, Blu TV President Stephane Frappat President said: “The potential market in Brazil for pay-tv is still huge, mostly limited by the high cost of access. BluTV’s promise is to democratize access to high-quality TV entertainment and education combined with the highest standard of customer service at to the Brazilian middle-class. Since its inception, the BluTV project has been supported by Eutelsat teams in Paris and in Brazil, and we are confident the EUTELSAT 65 West A will allow us to offer our future subscribers the best available coverage in the country”.