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ABS’ Second All-Electric Satellite Enters Service

By | January 24, 2017
      An artist rendering of ABS-2A. Photo: Boeing

      An artist rendering of ABS-2A. Photo: Boeing

      [Via Satellite 01-24-2017] An all-electric ABS satellite entered commercial service on Jan. 21, providing enhanced satellite services including Direct-To-Home (DTH) television services on Jan. 21 to customers in Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, South Asia and South East Asia. The Boeing-built satellite, ABS 2A, joins ABS 3A as Boeing’s second all-electric propulsion 702 satellite for ABS, according to a Jan. 23 statement released by Boeing.

      “We have completed our three-satellite build investment in launching three satellites in three consecutive years, including ABS 2 in 2014 as well as Boeing’s ABS 3A in 2015 and ABS 2A in 2016,” said Tom Choi, CEO of ABS. “ABS 2A is the latest high-capacity satellite providing expansion and continuity of satellite services at ABS’ prime gateway over the Indian Ocean region. It is located with ABS 2 at our premium neighborhood at 75 degrees east optimized for video services for growing television community access and direct-to-home businesses.”