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SES Platform Services Releases FLUIDMedia Solution

By | June 12, 2015
      SES Playout Center

      SES Playout Center. Photo: SES

      [Via Satellite 06-12-2015] SES Platform Services, a subsidiary of SES, released a service called FLUIDMedia at Anga Com 2015 which allows companies that produce or distribute video content to streamline conversion and deliver it to Internet or Video-on-Demand (VOD) platforms. The new SES service gives users the ability to control technical aspects such as ingestion, transcoding in various formats, quality checks, packaging and delivery through a browser-based interface on SES Platform Services’ content management infrastructure.

      FLUIDMedia is also able to manage and customize metadata such as information about license periods, images, trailers and brief descriptions. Users, after preparing content and its corresponding metadata once, can deliver it to several partners at the same time.

      “Alongside classic linear television, the distribution of on-demand content is becoming more and more important for broadcasters and production companies,” said Sophie Lersch, chief product officer for services at SES Platform Services. “The number of video-on-demand platforms is growing, and with it their technical complexity. Video is playing an increasingly important role in other sectors too — for example, publishing and automotive. FLUIDMedia is our solution to these developments.”

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