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Hispasat, Wibo Provide Satellite Services in Mexico

By | March 26, 2019
Hispasat control center

Hispasat control center. Photo: Hispasat

Hispasat and Mexican telecommunications company Wibo will offer broadband satellite and Internet Protocol (IP) phone services for the next three years to extend connectivity in Mexico. The companies are working to connect the areas of the country where communications are of poor quality or non-existent, as happens in many rural areas and in the regions far removed from the large cities.

The satellite chosen for this project is HISPASAT’s Amazonas 5. This High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) aims to provide connectivity and Internet Protocol (IP) voice services in the Ka-band at a low cost for users. These services will be managed from HISPASAT’s teleport in Ixtlahuaca de Rayón (State of Mexico). In order to provide internet access to the greatest number of Mexicans possible, Wibo has defined different service and price packages which are tailored to the different needs and budgets of all users. The solution offers users a wide catalogue of products without the need to sign up for a specific defined period.

Both companies have also recently renewed the satellite services contract in the Ku-band from the Amazonas 3 satellite for a duration of three years. These services will continue to be operated from Wibo’s teleport located in Aguascalientes (Mexico). The two options aim to help companies that work in the most isolated parts of the country to develop and grow, while also helping agricultural, mining and petroleum companies, among many others.