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Spotlight: Stellar And Delphi Navigate Together

By | November 8, 2004

      Vehicle-navigation and -monitoring technologies are finding an open road of opportunity. To this end, Delphi Electronics & Safety will co-develop and manufacture the next generation of transceiver modems for Dulles, Va.-based Stellar Satellite Communications Ltd.

      As part of the deal, Delphi will supply two new models of two-way satellite-communicator modems to Stellar. One is a high-volume telematics modem for both mobile and fixed equipment applications. The other modem will use sensors and software to relay information to and from equipment requiring advanced field intelligence.

      Both modems support global remote management of equipment and assets through Dulles, Va.-based Orbcomm’s two-way, satellite-based data communications network. According to the partners, the modems will be designed to meet rigorous automotive-grade performance and reliability standards.

      The modems will aid commercial-vehicle fleet and logistics management for trucks, barges, fishing vessels, locomotives, heavy machinery and containers. In addition, the modems can monitor such fixed assets as pipelines, oil wells, energy meters and storage tanks to share information via satellite data messaging. The modems also can provide two-way tracking and monitoring of gas and oil production equipment, liquid petroleum operations, environmental and weather information, and utility meters.

      Beth Schwarting, general director of sales and marketing for Delphi Electronics & Safety, says producing the units in high volumes offers a cost-effective way to enhance the product’s value.

      (Beth Schwarting, Delphi Electronics & Safety, 765/451-0767)

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