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Spotlight: Loral Skynet Pursues Telecommuters

By | October 25, 2004

      Telecommuters have a new way to connect to the office through a partnership between Bedminster, N.J.-based Loral Skynet’s SkyReach Service and Remote Work Central, a provider of telecommuting and teleworking services. The alliance is intended to support applications for manufacturing, education, telemedicine, and government programs. An instant network can be created through the combined capabilities of both companies to connect multiple sites, regardless of geographic location, said Patrick Brant, president of Loral Skynet.

      Skyreach is Skynet’s two-way broadband IP-based communications service that uses VSAT technology to deliver a range of IP applications, including: Internet access, Voice over IP (VoIP), streamed media, file transfers (FTP), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and LAN connectivity. The service also complements existing frame relay and multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) networks, as well as supports efficient network management.

      Remote Work Central tries to help people to work anywhere in the world with full computing functionality by providing secure and reliable voice, fax, data and video communications, whether providing fixed or mobile services on land or water.

      The companies are collaborating to provide secure telecommuting and remote-access connectivity services to small and medium enterprises, including small offices and home offices (SOHOs) as well as government and non-government organizations (NGO) by using Loral Skynet’s SkyReach i200 IP-based service.

      (Jeanette Clonan, Loral Space, 212/338-5345)

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