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Spotlight: Iridium Sees Potential In War-torn Iraq

By | July 28, 2003

      Iridium Satellite, an Arlington, Va.-based provider of global satellite voice and data communications, now can offer communication services in post-war Iraq.

      Permission was granted by the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority – the nation’s current governing authority – and Iraq’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications. The ministry is responsibile for licensing all commercial telecommunications services in Iraq.

      Iridium will be able to provide and sell its mobile satellite communications services, subscriber terminals, and related equipment in the country starting immediately. Those efforts will be undertaken by Iridium’s existing network of global service providers.

      In a country where the terrestrial communications infrastructure has been severely damaged by the war, Iridium’s voice, dial-up data usage, and short burst data capabilities could be welcomed by international business people operating there. Iridium targets sectors that include aviation, maritime, construction, and oil and gas industries, as well as humanitarian/ emergency applications and military services.

      “While Iridium has experienced great success with its Department of Defense usage within the region, we are extremely pleased to have received this authorization and to be able to provide the much-needed communications services that Iridium has to offer to the commercial sector,” said Gino Picasso, Iridium’s president and CEO. “Because Iridium can operate independently of any existing communications infrastructure, it is the perfect solution to provide immediate communications and data services without costly and time- consuming implementation.”

      –Paul Dykewicz

      (Gino Picasso, Iridium Satellite, 703/465-1015)

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