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Spotlight: Wireless Company Offers GPS Feature

By | January 6, 2003

      Companies increasingly seem open to using alternative technologies to serve their customers.

      The latest example is Atlanta-based Southern LINC, a wireless communications service from Southern Company [SO]. Southern LINC recently began offering Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities through new handset equipment made available to its customers.

      The Motorola [MOT] handset provides state-of-the-art GPS location capability that uses a pre-loaded Java application, “My Location,” to keep users informed of their approximate location and speed.

      The “My Location” feature offered with the Motorola i88s handsets also let users view real-time statistics to track travel speed, time and distance. The feature is similar to an advanced compass embedded in the handset.

      In addition, the GPS feature in the i88 handsets can assist emergency centers locatethe user when an emergency 911 call is made from the device. Bob Dawson, president and CEO of Southern LINC, said, “The GPS technology can be helpful to emergency personnel in locating a 911 caller when every minute counts.” -Paul Dykewicz

      (Bob Dawson, Southern LINC, 404/ 262-3000)

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