Frost & Sullivan Analyzes Asian Pacific VSAT Markets

By | November 9, 2006 | Asia-Pacific, ST Briefs, Telecom

The market for very small aperture terminals (VSAT) in the Asia Pacific region has grown steadily even as markets in other regions have begun to slow, reports Frost & Sullivan, in announcing its new "Asia Pacific VSAT Markets Study from Singapore" research.

Among information released Nov. 8, the company reported that total installed sites for all VSAT applications in the region numbered over 300,000 in APAC in 2005, and is expected to grow to over 900,000 sites by 2012.

Meanwhile, consumer equipment revenues were expected to grow from $14 million in 2005 to just under $20 million by 2012, a CAGR of 5 percent for the period.

Frost & Sullivan describes "a very positive picture [overall] for VSAT service providers who can expect very good growth in service revenues."

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