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Workflow Systems Make Huge Splash at NAB

By | April 14, 2011

      Some people in the broadcasting sector thought the migration to digital would make managing workflows easier. Others, like resource management software developers, knew they had a brand new growth market on their hands. While the broadcast industry’s production processes are being revamped in the digital video world, distribution is becoming increasingly complex.
          In today’s multi-screen, multi-dimensional media 2.0 world, it is now more critical than ever that broadcast operations in studio and in the field are inter-connected. Management systems, such as those created by companies like ScheduAll, Telestream and Ericsson aim to enable broadcast production and distribution to be more agile, creating better communication and efficiency of planning.
         It was interesting to see representatives from each aspect of the broadcast chain gather on the NAB show floor on Tuesday to discuss these new challenges. CBS Director of Broadcast Distribution Christine Ehrenbard used an example of how a tree blocking a mobile unit’s line of sight with a satellite requires almost instantaneous cooperation between production teams, network managers and the satellite operator to either move the truck or the leased transponder. Luckily, Intelsat Vice President of Product Manager Tim Jackson was sitting right next to her to explain that having the proper and complete data on its customers’ situation is the crucial element to cooperation when something goes wrong.
          With everyone along the broadcast chain – from production teams to satellite operators to World Teleport Association Executive Director Robert Bell – tied into this conversation, it’s no wonder that these Workflow Management Systems are being sold in every hall of the show.

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