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Satellite Pay-TV Operators Add Two Million in 2005

It has been a busy year for the major satellite pay-TV operators across Europe. All seem to have been involved in major initiatives as they bid to keep the pressure on the cable, terrestrial and in some cases the IPTV rivals. Despite the increased competition, satellite pay-TV operators still had a strong 2005, with those […]

By | March 20, 2006

Showtime CEO Examines IPO, New Business Plans For 2006

Showtime CEO Peter Einstein has not ruled out the possibility of conducting an initial public offering (IPO) in 2006, as the operator, which is one of the main pay-TV providers in the Middle East, weighs all of its financial options. "As we continue to grow, the financial situation has continued to become more healthy and […]

By | March 6, 2006

SES Astra CEO Predicts Strong Demand For New Digital Services

SES Astra has launched a new service it hopes will smooth the digital transition process in Germany, offering an infrastructure for free-TV, pay-TV and additional interactive services as the country moves toward an all digital landscape. The new offer will be open to all broadcasters and is intended to ease the development of digital services […]

By | March 6, 2006

Ouranos CEO Plans To Use Aramiska Assets To Make Satellite Broadband Successful In Europe

Ouranos Networks, which has taken over Aramiska’s assets and brand name, aims to target new markets and have a better cost structure in place based on lessons learned from where Aramiska went wrong under the old management. Ouranos Networks CEO Michel Davoudian believes the company’s new business model, focusing on cutting costs, could see it […]

By | February 27, 2006

Piracy Robbing From Satellite Broadcasting Revenues

One of the biggest threats that satellite pay-TV operators face is the threat of piracy. People accessing content through an illegal smart card and not paying the operator for the service is a billion dollar industry, according to industry analysts. Smart card piracy is big business and conditional access (CA) vendors who provide security systems […]

By | February 20, 2006

SBB CEO Outlines DTH Plans

Serbia Broadband (SBB), Serbia’s largest cable operator, is targeting 100,000 subscribers for its new direct-to-home (DTH) service within the next two years. SBB announced it was launching a DTH service at the end of January based on Eutelsat’s W2 satellite. TotalTV initially will offer 25 channels. "It is difficult to say but we hope in […]

By | February 20, 2006

BSkyB Moving Beyond Satellite Roots In Effort To Extend Brand Name

Direct-to-home (DTH) operators must continue to look away from their satellite roots as they strive for business expansion and increased revenues. With new platforms such as Internet protocol (IP) TV and on-demand mobile content emerging, the platforms offer opportunities as well as threats to traditional satellite pay-TV operators. In Europe, BSkyB remains one of the […]

By | February 20, 2006

Terrestrial Competition Shuts Down Satellite Broadband Operator

The beginning of the end of broadband satellite provider Aramiska can be traced back more than a year, as the company was unable to compete against aggressive terrestrial broadband providers, former CEO Philippe Bodart told Satellite News. Aramiska, a pioneer in the satellite broadband business when it launched service in December 2001, abruptly closed down […]

By | February 6, 2006

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