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Oil and Gas Magazine Story Cover 2016

In the Oil and Gas Recovery, Satellite Will Rise

Despite slumps in technology spending, there is light on the horizon. New satellites, fit-for-purpose HTS, and increasing data-intensive trends could see satellite break away from the oil and gas market weakness in the future.

By | October 17, 2016

Oil and Gas Magazine Story Cover 2016

In the Oil and Gas Recovery, Satellite Will Rise

It’s no overstatement: there is seemingly always something going on in the Middle East. And now, with nuclear-related sanctions lifted from Iran, the region has, perhaps, even more eyes on it. The

By | October 11, 2016

Advantech Wireless High Speed Broadcasting Datalink Solutions

The New Generation of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based SSPAs from Advantech Wireless are designed for 4K/8K Ultra HD transmission broadcasting and are DVB-S2X ready, providing a 70% increase in Linear Transmit Power, Super High Linearity and outstanding field proven reliability with a fraction of the Size, Weight and Power. The new FLS-5000 from Advantech Wireless is

By Advantech Wireless | Sep 09, 2016

Satellite Cellular Backhaul

Cellular Backhaul in Asia: Telcos Embrace Satellite

Telecom providers looking for business growth will have to venture from the saturated zones, as it is in rural areas that new subscribers can be found. But in order to tap these rural and underdeveloped communities, satellite will have to play a vital role. This means satellite-based cellular backhaul will hold its prominence in Asia.

By | May 2, 2016

Broadband in Africa City Lights

Broadband in Africa: Untamed Opportunities

The continent is enormous, not just by landmass but in the potential it represents to all industries. Realizing this potential will require robust communications as well as overcoming significant challenges. Satellite remains one of the strongest ways forward, and while this is good for the industry, the positive impact that broadband in Africa will have […]

By | April 18, 2016

UAE Space Agency

The Middle East: to Infinity and Beyond?

The Middle East is an ever-changing market with one constant: growth. With unprecedented developments taking place, the region will continue to drive Earth observation, exploration and mobile connectivity while shaping a unique space industry.

By | February 11, 2016


Stepping up the Combative Strategy

Intentional jamming in the Middle East has declined steadily in the last couple of years. However, new mitigation technologies are on their way as the industry braces for a more contested environment.

By | November 4, 2015

With new 4K channels being launched in Europe, the broadcast industry has made a significant breakthrough. Key players are expecting 
to see swelling demand 
in Ultra-HD.

Broadcasters Ready to Move Faster into 4K

With fourfold HD resolution, 4K video is impressive. But does it evoke a quadruple wow? Watching many consumers enthralled by the large screen TVs displayed in electronics stores would suggest it does. First

By | August 21, 2015


HTS: Good Reason to Get Amped!

It comes with its share of challenges, but High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) will also bring about great innovation in the amplifier market and beyond. HTS have caused increased collaboration between vendor and customers and it will elevate the industry to a more competitive level to the benefit of all, insiders say.

By | July 24, 2015

Via Satellite magazine Asia 2015 cover

Ready or Not, Here Comes 4K

Move over 3-D because the next big thing is nearly here. Some might not want to accept this, but it is a fact: Ultra-HD will be a reality. How else would you explain the Tokyo 2020 program? Japan will be

By | April 28, 2015


Cellular Backhaul: The Ever Growing Opportunity for Satellite

With demands for data increasing at an exponential rate, the demand for bandwidth continues to surge. In emerging markets, a lack of infrastructure means satellite is once again increasing in importance as a

By | February 12, 2015

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